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Major Contribution: Pollinization & honey production.

Some people are so afraid of bee’s stinger that they forget the all the good they do for us. Honey production is their most obvious production. In one of the most efficient societies in the world – the beehive – bees spend their days producing the food not only for themselves but also for us. Millions of dollars worth of honey is collected every year from the beehives and distributed across the globe. But the bees aren’t done yet...

Their greatest contribution is one we often overlook. Through the process of pollination bees essentially keep our plant life alive, and not only the flowers we admire but also those so important for crops and cattle. Economically, it is almost impossible to estimate their value, although it is certainly in the billions.

Some bee species are Harmful Animals. To learn about Killer Bees, click here!

1. Bees can fly up to 15 mph and will sometimes travel several miles from the hive in search of food.

2.Beehives are one of the most organized societies in the world, containing up to 20,000 members.
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