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Felines a family of carnivorous mammals, varying widely in size, coloration, and behavior, although a few physical similarities apply. Feline bodies are normally long and slender, with muscles suited to running, leaping and climbing. Almost all have curved claws that can retract into the paw, small triangular ears, a small snout and a long tail. They have flexible spines, giving them incredible agility, and most tend to live very solitary lives. Cats have been domesticated for companionship, as well as for hunting small pest animals like mice and rats. Today, the domestic cat is one of the world's most common and popular pets. Click here for more info...

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A cat's whiskers are extremely sensitive. They're used as "feelers" for small, dark places where the cat cannot see; it knows that it can fit into any space as wide as its own whiskers. Although your cat can feel when you touch its whiskers, they can still be shed just like regular hair, and will occasionally fall out and grow back.


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