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Our brain games are coming back!

    mahjonng jr pumpkins jr - brain game bricks hex - brain game boxes - brain game
More games coming soon!
make 24 math card game - algebra skills make X math card game - algebra skills chemistry game - the alchemist world capitals quiz game
Connect 4 - Brain Game Maze Race - Brain Games Bricks 2 bouncing balls sr game Ghost Typing Game Letter Blocks - Brain Games
Bricks 2 castle defense - logic puzzle strategy game castle defense jr - logic puzzle strategy game bouncing balls jr game word scramble II mouse trap jr - logic puzzle game
Pile of Balls - Brain Game castle defense challenge - strategy game castle defense jr 2 - logic puzzle strategy game bouncing balls game maze - puzzle game mouse trap jr 2 - logic puzzle game
word grid - a game like boggle! castle defense II - strategy game world flags game

balloon bounce

word grid - a game like boggle! mouse trap - logic puzzle game
pumpkins castle defense III - strategy game mahjong mixed operations - math game mouse trap sr - logic puzzle game
ball lines spider solitaire card game gaps solitaire card game golf solitaire card game freecell solitaire card game chemistry game - the alchemist
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games are being converted for all devices

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Puzzle Games

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  Fast Solitaire   ball lines Ball Lines
Mouse Trap   christmastree Christmas Tree  
  Free Cell   bounce balloons Balloon Bounce
junior2 MouseTrap Jr II   Difference  
  Gaps Solitaire   Balloons
bouncingballs Bouncing Balls   Dino Drop  
  Golf Solitaire   bouncingballs Bouncing Balls
wordscramble Word Scramble II   Hexmines  
  Spider Solitaire   bouncing Bouncing Balls JR
golf solitaire Golf Solitaire   Mahjong I0  
Logic Games
  bricks Brick Breaking  
Strategy Games
  mahjong MJ - Easy  
Codebreaking   food drop Food Drop   Battleship   mah jong Mahjong  
Coins   food drop Food Drop II   Castle Defense   maze Maze  
Greedy Knight   pile of ball Pile of Balls   castle defense ii Castle Defense II   maze race Maze Race  
Hourglass   pumpkins Pumpkins   castle defense 3 Castle Defense III   puzzle Puzzle  
Music Games
  castle defense jr Castle Defense Jr   rotate Rotate  
Knight Switch   music Music Notes castle defense jr 2 Castle Defense Jr II   seek and find Seek + Find  
  Matchsticks   music memory Music Memory checkers Chinese checkers   whack Whack  
Word Games
connect4 Connect Four     Memory  
  mouse trap jr MouseTrap Jr   Clueless CrossWord
Other Games
  boxes Boxes  
  junior2 MouseTrap Jr II   Crossword Puzzle Ghost Typing   memory 2 Memory II  
  mouse trap senior MouseTrap Sr   Hangman Animals
Game Page
memory 3
Memory III
  Number Balls   letterblocks Letter Blocks Mathman  
moving memory
Moving Memory
Penguins   scramble Word Scramble Math Games   sequence master Sequence Master  
Sudoku   wordscramble Word Scramble II vocabulary Vocab Games  
Swap       animal quizzes Animal Quizzes        
Tower of Hanoi  


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What can you do to help your brain stay sharp? A lot! These five steps may help keep our minds limber and healthy!



1. Break out of your routine:

Take on new challenges; take a different route home, travel, and experiment! Switching up elements of your routine exercises the brain, and may help keep it fresh and sprightly.


2. Word Games and Puzzles:

Games and puzzles that are intellectually challenging give your brain a workout. Over time, when one type of puzzle becomes easy for you, try a more advanced version or a new game. In order to benefit your mind, puzzles must always be challenging and engaging.


3. Cope with Stress:

Studies show that prolonged stress and sleep deprivation
might have harmful effects on memory. By dealing with stress in a prompt and effective way, you might be giving your brain a boost. If something is causing you anxiety, try to deal with it quickly so you no longer have to think about the matter.

4. Diet and Exercise:

Like all muscles in the human body, the brain benefits from proper nutrition and exercise. Try playing sports, hiking, or even taking the stairs to your office.


5. Omega Three Fatty Acids:

Fatty fish, like salmon, are very healthy because they
contain omega three fatty acids. Research suggests that omega three fatty acids have many health benefits, includingmemory and mood enhancement.


Exercising the brain can be fun, healthy, and relaxing! Good luck maintaining great health in both mind and body.


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Also: Fight dementia!

Did you know that playing games can help seniors keep their minds sharp - while having fun?
If you're a senior, or you care about someone elderly, lead them to our geography and brain games
(or other games) as a way to help keep their minds healthy and stave off dementia!

Learn more here: 


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