Native to: North Africa  
  Introduced to: East Africa  
  Transportation: Introduced to Lake Victoria (the largest tropical lake in the world) by humans, to provide fisheries with more catch.

Since it's introduction into Lake Victoria, the Nile Perch has driven over 300 native species to extinction. Since many insect algae-eating fish called cichlids have become extinct, some parts of Lake Victoria are overwhelmed by algal blooms and insect pests. The Nile Perch, which can grow to 300 pounds, is harvested in large numbers by fisheries, but the fishing industry is unable to keep populations in check.

  While wreaking havoc on native fish populations, the Nile Perch has stimulated economic development around Lake Victoria. In 2003, the Nile Perch earned over a hundred million Euros in sales to the EU alone!