Native to: Africa
Introduced to: South America, Central America, North America
Mode of transportation: The bees were brought from Africa to Brazil in the 1950s because humans believed they would thrive in Brazil's climate & produce more honey.

Africanized Honeybees are far more aggressive than European Honeybees, which used to be the dominant honeybee species in the Americas. African Honeybees also attack intruders in far greater numbers, and their victims usually receive ten times as many stings as European Honeybees impart. Worst of all, they may chase a person up to a quarter of a mile before giving up and returning to the hive!

Scientists worry that Afircan Honeybees are breeding the the European strain, which will impact the $140 million dollar honey industry. Why? Interbred bee colonies may differ in pollination efforts, abandon their nests more frequently, and may not be able to survive cold winters.


Actually, all honey bees are imports to the New World.