Native to: Europe, Asia, North Africa, and a number of islands.


Introduced to: Almost everywhere in the world, from barns to marshes to mountains.


Mode of Transportation: Introduced through domestication by humans.


Feral Pigs (whose ancestors were domesticated) can be very destructive when introduced to foreign habitats. Pigs destroy native plants as they dig for food, and, when traveling in herds, can create wallows! In addition, when Feral Pigs dig, they often uproot native plants and spread the seeds of invasive plants. They eat native animals, such as ground nesting birds, and also act as crop pests.

  Feral Pigs eat many kids of food, including roots, crayfish, frogs, snakes, salamanders, mice, birds, and even baby deer! In areas with oak trees, Feral Pigs love to eat acorns.