Hypothetical means theoretical, supposed, presumed, unproven.

Inherent means intrinsic, part of the essential nature of something.

Paternal means fatherly or father-like.

To espouse is to advocate, to support.

A foible is a slight flaw, a minor weakness or character defect.

Volition refers to the exercise of will or choice.

Sloth means laziness, sluggishness, listlessness, dislike of work or exercise.

Sobriety refers to abstinence from alcohol.

A repercussion is a consequence; an effect that is often indirect.

Unremitting means persistent, ceaseless, relentless.

Autonomous means self-directed, not controlled by another, independent.

Rudimentary means basic, elementary, relating to the earliest stages of development.

A faction is a smaller group or clique within a larger group formed around a viewpoint that is not shared by the whole group, Within the Republican Party, there is a faction that supports Bob Dole and another that supports Dan Quail.

To debilitate is to weaken, to cripple.

Extol means to praise.

Complicity means participation in wrong-doing; it refers to the act of being an accomplice.

Serendipity means the faculty of attracting good fortune, the good fortune itself.

To replenish means to fill again, to re-supply, to restore "If we don't replenish our supplies," said Marcus, "we will soon be going to bed hungry.

A stricture is a limitation, a criticism, a constriction In spite of the strictures of working two jobs, Kyle was able to coach the team.

Desultory means aimless, without plan or purpose, random, disconnected.

Infamous means having a bad reputation, famous in a negative way.

Acute means intense, sharp, penetrating.

Cryptic means mystifying, mysterious, ambiguous, abrupt and puzzling.

An antithesis is a direct opposite, a contrast.

Contrite means remorseful, admitting of guilt, penitent.

To peruse means to read carefully, to survey or examine in detail.

Indignant means displeased, angry, provoked.

Volatile means explosive, highly unstable.

Ingenuous means candid, sincere, forthright, without deception, charmingly na�.

Ponderous means heavy, massive, weighted down.

Altruism means a devotion to the welfare of others, selfless generosity.

Secular means worldly, having nothing to do with religion or with spiritual concerns.

Fatuous means foolish, silly, idiotic.

Tenuous means flimsy, thin or slender in form, like a thread.

To degenerate means to deteriorate, to break down.

Aristocratic means of noble birth.

To marshal is to arrange in order.

To impugn is to cast doubt upon, to challenge the truth or integrity of someone or something.

An iconoclast is someone who attacks popular beliefs.

To enervate is to weaken, to reduce the strength or energy of, especially in a gradual way.

Futile means hopeless, useless, ineffective, incapable of producing a result.

A hierarchy is a pecking order, a system of ranking.

Disparate means different, dissimilar, distinct in kind.

To preclude means to make impossible.

To efface means to erase, to rub away, to wipe out, to do away with.

Tenacious means persistent, stubborn, not letting go.

Sanguine means cheerful, optimistic, hopeful.

A tirade is a rant, a prolonged bitter speech, an outspoken denunciation.

Salutary means beneficial, healthful, curative, wholesome.

Perfidy means treachery, a deliberate breach of faith.