To proselytize means to attempt to convert, to actively recruit. The cult members spent every weekend outside the mall proselytizing anyone who would listen in an attempt to get others to join their group.

Insidious means treacherous, sneaky, intended to entrap or beguile.

Manifest means evident, visible, apparent.

Milieu refers to surroundings, situation, atmosphere, environment.

A glut is a surplus, an excess, an overabundance.

Incongruous means inconsistent, not fitting in, unsuitable to.

To extricate is to free from difficulty, to get out of, to disengage or release from entanglement.

Finesse means skillful maneuvering, extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste, etc.

An alloy is a combination of two or more things, often used in reference to a combination of metals.

Tenable means viable, defensible, valid, capable of being successfully argued, reasonable workable.

Irascible means easily angered or provoked, irritable.

A parody is a humorous satirical imitation of something.

A partisan is a person who supports a particular position, is an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, especially an adherent who shows a biased, emotional allegiance.

A touchstone is a standard by which to evaluate the worth of something.

Superfluous means unnecessary, extra, redundant.

Consensus means general agreement.

To lampoon means to ridicule or mock.

To permeate is to penetrate, to pervade, to pass or seep through or into every part of.

Egalitarian refers to equality.

Morose means gloomy, sullenly ill-humored.

To be diffident is to be timid or lacking in confidence.

A periphery is an external boundary, the outside edge of something.

Artifice means cunning, craftiness, the using of trickery or subterfuge to get one's way.

Patent means obvious, noticeable.

Cognizant means aware, conscious of, informed.

Kinetic means having to do with motion, lively, active.

To promulgate is to proclaim, to publicly or formally declare something, to make known.

Equanimity means serenity, calm, composure.

To proselytize means to attempt to convert, to actively recruit.

Turpitude means depravity, moral baseness.

Prosaic means commonplace, dull, unimaginative, ordinary, humdrum.

A prodigy is a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability.

To refute is to disprove, to show to be wrong.

Exhaustive means painstakingly thorough, complete.

Chagrin is embarrassment, humiliation, often combined with disappointment.

Tangential means superficially connected, not especially relevant.

To stigmatize is to brand with disgrace, to label as shameful.

To condescend means to talk down to, to patronize, to treat people in a way that implies you are superior to them.

To emigrate means to leave one's country to take up residence in another.

To enfranchise means to grant the rights of citizenship, especially the right to vote.

Torpor means sluggishness, apathy, inertia.

An increment is an increase, especially one in a series of increases.

Viable means capable of living.

Duplicity means deception, double-dealing, the act of being two-faced.

Fraternal means brotherly, like, of, or befitting brothers.

Ineffable means inexpressible, beyond the ability of words to convey.

Homogeneous means having a similar nature, essentially alike.

Pivotal means crucial, critically important, that upon which something is contingent, that upon which it turns.

Mercenary means to be motivated by money alone.

Moribund means near death, dying.

Fortuitous means accidental, happening by chance.