Salient means prominent, conspicuous, obvious, striking.

Abortive means unsuccessful, ended before completion.

To stipulate is to specify a condition or conditions that must be satisfied before a contract or other agreement can be made or signed.

To patronize means to be a customer or client of.

A penchant is a strong inclination towards, a liking for something, a predilection.

To expatriate has a double meaning.

Nefarious means villainous, wicked, evil.

To circumvent means to go around, to bypass.

Plebian means belonging to the common class, vulgar, non-aristocratic.

Vicissitudes are changes in fortune or circumstances, uncertainties, ups and downs.

To vex is to annoy, to irritate, to provoke.

Oblivion refers to a state of being forgotten or unknown.

Pedantic means boringly academic, scholarly, overly formal, pompous and dry.

To be petulant is to be cranky, peevishly rude, irritated over something trivial.

Reciprocal means mutual, shared, interchangeable, given in return.

To be adamant is to be stubborn, unyielding in your attitudes or opinions.

A labyrinth is a maze or anything that is intricate and complex like a maze.

To mollify is to soothe, soften, pacify, appease.

Profuse means abundantly flowing, numerous, plentiful, extravagant.

Obsequious means fawning, showing servile deference, polite or obedient from hope of gain or from fear.

Opaque means not transparent, impossible to see through.

To usurp is to wrongfully seize, to take and hold by force, illegal, or underhanded means.

Discrete means separate and distinct or composed of separate and distinct parts.

Amoral means neither moral nor immoral, not involving questions of right or wrong.

Nominal means in name only.

Elusive means evasive, hard to express, define or pin down.

Dogmatic means blindly committed to a belief system or doctrine and usually asserting that belief in an arrogant, opinionated manner that refuses to consider other points of view.

To perturb is to greatly disturb or agitate.

Impetuous means impulsive, given to sudden or rash action or emotion.

A fatalist believes that what happens is inevitable, predestined, determined by fate.

Obscure means hard to understand.

Conventional means conforming to accepted standards, customary, unexceptional.

To acquiesce is to agree or submit quietly but without enthusiasm or with reluctance, to give in.

To rebuke is to sharply criticize.

Profane means irreverent, blasphemous, unholy.

Vehement means intense, forceful, impassioned.

Trepidation refers to apprehension, nervous trembling, uncertainty.

Vociferous means loud and unrestrained, in a way that is blatant and often vulgar or offensive.

To exult is to rejoice, to celebrate, to be jubilant, elated.

An insurgent is a rebel, someone who revolts against established authority.

Ironic means contradictory, not as you would expect.

A criterion is a standard, a basis for judgment or criticism, a principle for testing or evaluating something.

Existential means relating to existence, concerning or based on objective experience.

Clandestine means secret, concealed, done covertly in order to avoid detection.

When you speak in the vernacular, you are using the speech common to where you live.

To polarize is to split into opposing factions.

Esoteric means understood by only a select few with special knowledge, hidden from the masses, secret.

Aggregate means the combined sum, a collection of things considered as a whole.

Perfunctory means done routinely with indifference, hasty and superficial.

Infinitesimal means minute, inconceivably small, microscopic.