To construe is to interpret, to assign meaning.

Heresy means unorthodoxy.

To juxtapose means to bring together for the purpose of side-by-side comparison or contrast.

Stringent means strict, demanding, rigorous.

A panacea is a cure-all, something that cures anything.

To be terse is to be abrupt, to use no unnecessary words, to be succinct.

Fidelity means faithfulness, loyalty.

Deference is the considerate honoring of or respectful submission to another's wishes or will, an attitude or motivation of consideration.

To be pensive is to be in a state of dreamy or melancholy thoughtfulness; to be reflective, contemplative, meditative, preoccupied and deeply reflective or sad.

A stratum is a layer, a level.

To distinguish is to To tell apart, mark off or recognize as different or separate.

To prevail is to triumph.

Reprehensible means blameworthy, disgraceful, condemnable.

Luminous means bright, radiant, clear, giving off light.

Heyday refers to one's prime, or to a golden age.

Painstaking means extremely careful, meticulous.

While most commonly, the word elliptical means oval, it also refers to an economy of words, and often implies that because of what is missing, there is ambiguity or the writing is hard to understand.

Ethereal means light and airy; heavenly; extremely delicate or refined.

Sagacious means wise, discerning, keen in judgment.

An effusion refers to a pouring forth, an unrestrained expression.

Inane means silly, nonsensical, devoid of significance.

Notorious means to be famous for something negative.

A patriarch is the male head of a tribe or family, the male who is responsible for establishing a lineage, a venerable elder in the community.

Incessant means constant, unending, continual, ceaseless.

Pathology refers to disease.

To be amiable is to be friendly, agreeable, congenial Chad was amiable enough, but he just did not fit in.

Collusion means conspiracy, secret cooperation.

Pragmatic means practical, down to earth, based on experience rather than theory.

Malfeasance refers to a misdeed or illegal act, especially on the part of a public official.

Provident means looking ahead, preparing for the future, being frugal today in order to have something tomorrow.

A mandate is an authorization or command.

Adverse means unfavorable, in opposition to one's interests or desires.

To be palpable is to be obvious, evident, tangible, capable of being touched or felt.

To be disinterested is to be unbiased, objective, without a vested interest one way or the other.

Complacent means self-satisfied, overly pleased with oneself, contented to a fault.

To be infatuated is to be foolishly passionate, hopelessly in love, attracted to the point where one loses judgment.

Dialectical refers to a method of reasoning.

Pernicious means deadly, extremely evil, having a harmful or fatal effect.

Wanton means reckless, malicious, unjustifiable, without regard for what is right, without provocation or reason.

To vacillate is to be indecisive, to waver.

Martial means warlike, relating to combat or to war.

An analogy is a comparison that focuses upon similarities.

Plaintive means expressing of sadness or sorrow.

Nebulous means vague, hazy, indistinct, or confused.

Affluent means prosperous, wealthy, rich.

To reiterate is to repeat, often excessively and with the intention to emphasize.

To relegate is to banish or consign to an inferior condition or position.

To curtail is to cut short, to reduce, diminish, or abridge.

To be grandiloquent is to be pretentious, pompous, to speak in a bombastic or extremely flowery style.

To be reticent is to be reserved in speech, restrained, disposed to silence.