Subtle means not obvious.

Domestic refers to the home or household.

Sublime means exalted, lofty, supreme.

To corroborate is to confirm, to back up with evidence, to validate, to authenticate.

To lament is to mourn, to feel or express sorrow over, to grieve.

Tantamount means equivalent or equal.

Top profess is to declare, to claim.

Recondite means hard to understand, over one's head, esoteric.

Incipient means emerging, budding, beginning, in the early stages.

Sacrosanct means sacred.

To revere is to honor, to highly respect, to venerate, to regard with awe.

Empirical means verified by experience or observation, not merely theoretical.

Fervor refers to zeal, ardor, impassioned enthusiasm, intensity of feeling.

Paltry means insignificant, ridiculously or insultingly small.

To vilify is to slander, to speak badly of, to put down, to say vile things about.

Intrinsic means an essential part of.

Discreet means reserved, cautious as to what is spoken or shared, unobtrusive, not blatant.

Grandiose means absurdly exaggerated, over-blown, pretentious, or referring to an unrealistic sense of grandeur.

To foment is to instigate, to stir up, to promote.

Supercilious means haughty, patronizing, contemptuous.

Nostolgia is longing for the past, a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period.

To absolve is to free from blame or obligation, to forgive.

To comprise is to be made up of or contain.

A bastion is a fortress, a stronghold, a fortified place.

Idyllic means charmingly simple, naturally peaceful, having rustic charm.

To be docile is to be easily manageable, to be passive and compliant, to be malleable.

Parochial means narrow, provincial, or having a confined point of view.

Temerity refers to boldness.

Togesticulate is to wave one's arms or hands, to make gestures.

To sequester is to set apart, to seclude or isolate.

To slander someone is to say malicious things about them, to defame, to spread malicious rumors about.

A debacle is a sudden downfall or collaspe.

Sedition refers to treason or to actions or speech designed to create rebellion against a government.

To abridge is to shorten or condense.

Requisite means required or necessary, indispensable.

A virtuoso is someone with mastery, who excels or has special knowledge of a field.

An injunction is an order, especially a court order to refrain from doing something.

To bewistful is to be feel yearning, to express longing.

Acrimonious means spiteful, nasty, caustic.

Asurfeit is an excess, an over-indulgence.

Deduce means to conclude without being directly told.

To emulate is to strive to equal or surpass, usually through imitation.

An amenity is a feature that brings comfort or convenience.

Dormant means inactive, as though asleep or actually asleep; in a state of hibernation.

To instigate is to incite, to provoke, to stir up, to initiate, to provide the catalyst that begins something.

A sycophant is one who flatters and fawns, a "yes man".

Agrarian means relating to the land, to agriculture, to farming in particular.

Rapacious means plundering, voracious, having predatory hunger.

Evanescent means fleeting, happening for only the briefest period of time.

Taciturn refers to being habitually silent, to having a quiet nature, to being uncommunicative.