consummate means extremely skillful, complete, perfect.

Categorical means unconditional, absolute, without exception.

Malaise is a sense of lethargy and unease, a feeling of being run down, a feeling of being depressed.

Awry means off course, not right.

A platitude is a trite, overused saying, a cliche usually offered as advice or wisdom.

Destitute means extremely poor, impoverished, lacking in what is required for basic sustenance.

An extrovert is an outgoing, gregarious person.

Ephemeral means short lived, fleeting.

Callow means immature, unsophisticated due to youthfulness, inexperienced.

Malleable means easy to shape or mold.

Legacy refers to something inherited or passed down.

To discriminate means to make a distinction.

Monolithic expresses both the idea of massiveness and the idea of being all of one piece.

Abject means hopeless, wretched, miserable.

Vitriolic means caustic, full of bitterness, extremely nasty.

To be beset means to be besieged, surrounded on all sides, attacked by.

To renounce something means to give it up, to deny or forsake it.

To matriculate means to enroll, especially in a college or university.

Convivial means festive, friendly, good natured, jovial.

To venerate means to honor, to deeply respect, to treat with reverence, as though sacred.

Contiguous means adjoining, touching.

Arbitrary means unfair, determined by impulse or individual will, having no particular rhyme or reason.

Pristine means pure, unspoiled, uncorrupted, immaculately clean.

Succinct means concise, short, and to the point, brief.

Farcical means absurd, ridiculous, having the characteristics of a farce.

Nepotism is the practice of showing favoritism to relatives or close friends in business or politics.

Cogent means persuasive, convincing, pertinent.

Rustic means rural, countrified, lacking the comforts or the sophistication of a city.

To be doctrinaire is to be dogmatic, to espouse a theory, doctrine, or belief system whether or not it is practical, to be inflexible.

To vitiate means to pollute, to spoil, to impair, corrupt, or pervert.

Uniform means consistent, standard, without variation.

To be coherent is to be understandable, to make sense.

To transgress means to violate a law, to offend, to sin.

Stagnation refers to lack of movement that also implies staleness, a lack of progress or growth.

Onerous means burdensome, oppressive, distasteful.

Covert means secret, hidden, concealed, disguised.

Adulation is excessive praise, adoration, hero worship.

To discern means to distinguish, to differentiate from something else, to perceive.

Genteel means refined, polite, aristocratic, well bred, cultivated.

A demagogue is a rabble-rouser, a leader who tries to stir up others by playing on their emotions, rather than appealing to their reason, someone who uses people's prejudices and fears to move them to action.

To be comprehensive is to be complete, to be inclusive, to cover a large scope, to leave nothing out.

Integral means essential, in the sense of being inseparable from.

To be obtuse is to be dense, slow to catch on, unobservant, not tuned in.

To decimate means to destroy most of, to annihilate.

Lethargy means sluggishness, laziness, drowsiness, indifference.

Provincial means simple and unsophisticated.

To relinquish is to release, to let go of, to surrender, to stop doing.

Although the word noxious is often used to describe odors and something that is noxious may make you sick to your stomach, the actual meaning of the word is poisonous or very harmful.

To desiccate means to dry out, to remove the moisture from.

A peccadillo is a minor offense, a meaningless fault, a petty violation.