Larceny means theft, the taking of something without consent.

Obligatory means required, binding, compulsory.

A paragon is a model of excellence or perfection.

Inimitable means matchless, impossible to copy, without peer.

Winsome means attractive, charming, pleasing, agreeable.

Leonine means like a lion.

To sublimate means to purify, to refine, to change something undesirable into something better.

Diva is Italian for goddess and technically is a term applied to an operatic prima donna.

Diurnal means daily, of or belonging to daytime, active only during the day, lasting or opening for only a day.

To interdict means to impede or prohibit; to restrain from doing something.

To ravage means to destroy, to plunder, to lay waste to.

Trite means overused, hackneyed, uninteresting due to being so commonplace.

An aspirant is a seeker, one who aspires to an office, honor, or position.

A potpourri is a mixture of miscellaneous items, a medley.

Gingerly means cautiously, warily, with extreme care.

Exhume means to dig up, to bring to light, to bring back from obscurity.

Sophomoric means intellectually pretentious, over-confident, but shallow.

A hybrid is a mixed breed, a mongrel.

Phlegmatic means indifferent, apathetic, sluggish, not easily aroused to feelings or actions.

Denouement means outcome, result, especially the final resolution of the plot of a novel or play.

Gist means essence, main point or idea, the essential part.

A guffaw is a burst of coarse laughter.

To deign means to condescend, to lower oneself, to consider fit.

Hapless means unlucky, unfortunate.

To redress means to remedy, to give compensation, to repair or set right.

Lassitude means weariness, weakness, lack of energy, listlessness.

A spate is an outpouring, a torrent, a great quantity.

To ensconce means to settle in, to shelter.

Chary means cautious, watchful, careful, wary.

To inculcate means to impress upon by frequent repetition, to persistently teach.

A proclivity is a tendency, an inclination, a leaning.

An ingenue is an innocent young girl or an actress who plays an innocent young girl.

A prognosis is a forecast, especially of the course a disease will take.

Eloquence refers to speech that is graceful and forceful.

Limpid means clear, transparent, able to be seen through or into.

An avatar is an incarnation of a god, a manifestation of the divine in bodily form.

Gossamer means sheer, filmy, gauzy.

Aplomb means self-assurance, poise, imperturbable confidence.

A proviso is a stipulation, a condition, a requirement or the sentence in a contract that expresses same.

To manumit means to emancipate, to release from slavery or bondage.

To propagate means to multiply or spread, to increase in number or intensity, to reproduce or produce offspring.

A phobia is a morbid fear that is persistent and irrational.

To enjoin means to order, to command, to forbid The court has enjoined the workers from striking under penalty of imprisonment.

To stanch means to stop or check a flow.

Acrophobia is a fear of heights.

Ad hoc means for a special purpose.

Continence refers to self-control, restraint.

An incursion is an invasion, a sudden attack or raid.

A melange is a mixture, a medley, a hodgepodge.

Onomatopoeia is a term applied to words that sound similar to what they mean.

A cleft is a split, a crack, a crevice.

An orifice is a small opening.

A progenitor is an ancestor.

A savant is a learned person, a scholar, a sage.

Incredulity means lack of belief, doubt.

An avocation is a hobby or a secondary job, something done besides what provides one's primary income.

Diffidence means shyness, lack of self-confidence.

A citadel is a fortress, a stronghold, a refuge.

Raiment means clothing or garments.

Savoir-faire is the knowledge of just what to do and when to do it; a person with this quality would be skilled at social graces, would have poise and tact.

Devoid means lacking, wanting, entirely without.

Bawdy means lewd, obscene, indecent We spent the night drinking beer and singing bawdy bar songs with lyrics I wouldn't want my mother to hear.

To oscillate means to swing to and fro like a pendulum, to waver.

Fallacious means mistaken, erroneous, illogical.

Waggish means fond of joking, mischievous, prone to pranks.

A contusion is an injury that does not break the skin, a bruise.

Dross is technically the waste or scum that comes to the surface of melting metals, but in usage it refers to any kind of waste, rubbish, or worthless material.

To feign means to pretend, to put on a false appearance.

To macerate means to soften or break down by soaking.

Commodious means spacious, having lots of room.