To implement means to carry out, to provide with the means of carrying out.

Prudent means careful, having foresight, sensible, planning ahead.

Depravity refers to extreme wickedness, viciousness, or corruption.

Generally visionary is used to refer to a dreamer, someone with impractical ideas about the future, someone who is very idealistic.

Innate means inborn, inherent, naturally a part of.

Judicious means sensible; wise; having, using, or showing good judgment.

Unconscionable means unscrupulous, not controlled by conscience.

A corollary is a natural consequence, something that follows, a logical extension.

Maudlin means overly sentimental, sentimental in a weak and silly way.

Laconic means concise, using few words.

A mentor is a special counselor or teacher, a more experienced person who helps and/or sponsors a less experienced person.

Ambiguous means having more than one meaning, or open to several interpretations, and therefore confusing, not clearly defined.

To exalt means to glorify or praise highly, to honor or elevate.

Figurative means not literal; based on figures of speech; metaphorical.

Husbandry relates to farming and agriculture.

Exacting means demanding of perfection, difficult, requiring great skill or precision, hard to please.

Philanthropy refers to charity, to a love of mankind expressed through good deeds and helpfulness.

Tentative means uncertain or experimental.

Peripatetic means wandering, moving about, travelling from place to place, nomadic.

Lugubrious means overly sad, sorrowful, exaggeratedly mournful, melancholy.

Proprietary refers to ownership, especially of property.

To advocate means to support, to speak or write in favor of, to recommend.

Latent means present, but inactive or concealed.

To mitigate means to make less severe, make more bearable.

Sordid means filthy or dirty.

Sensory means pertaining the senses or sensation.

A euphemism is a gentler way of saying something.

A polemic is a controversial argument.

Indolent means lazy, disliking of work, idle.

Ignominy means deep disgrace, public shame or the loss of one's good name.

Chaff refers to that which is worthless.

Overt means open to view, not hidden, apparent.

Impeccable means flawless, precise, perfectly executed.

An anachronism is something that is out of place in time, often referring to a throwback to an earlier time.

Cosmopolitan means international, belonging to all parts of the world, comfortable anyplace, not limited to just one place, and, therefore, when referring to a person, sophisticated.

A reprisal is a retaliation, an injury done in return for an injury, especially a military action taken in retaliation.

Innocuous means harmless, not hurtful or injurious.

A precursor is a forerunner; an early stage, which gives rise to a more important stage.

Garrulous means talkative, often about insignificant things; chatty, using too many words.

Mellifluous means sweetly or smoothly flowing; melodic; sweetened, as if with honey.

Balm refers to something that heals.

To loll is to lounge around, to recline or lean in a lazy manner.

Magnanimous means forgiving and generous, having a noble spirit, being free from pettiness.

A protagonist is a leading character in a play, story, or movie; a champion, or hero.

To rebut means to refute, to disprove, to argue against, to contradict with evidence.

Deleterious means harmful, injurious.

Sacrilege means disrespect of the sacred, an intentional insult or injury to that which is sacred.

To Inaugurate means to formally begin, especially to install into office with a ceremony.

Loquacious means talkative.

Mercurial usually means changeable, especially with regard to mood, fickle.