A rogue is a scoundrel.

To spawn is to bring forth, to produce in large number.

Pejorative means negative, disparaging, derogatory, having a belittling effect.

Eminent means well-known and respected, distinguished, noteworthy, prominent.

Contrived means artificial, calculated, forced, strained.

A caricature is a distorted portrait that exaggerates certain features.

To engender means to bring into existence, to create, to cause.

A hiatus is a break or interruption, often from work.

Furtive means secretive, sly, clandestine.

To inundate means to flood or to overwhelm.

Ideology refers to a set of doctrines or beliefs, especially as relates to the political or social realm.

Redundant means an unnecessary duplication, using too many words to express the same idea.

Unwitting means unintentional, unaware, without knowing.

Frugal means thrifty, economical, not wasteful.

Congenital means from birth, inborn, inherent.

To incense means to enrage, to make very angry.

Ruminate means to ponder, to contemplate.

Sporadic means appearing now and then or appearing in bursts every once in a while.

Reparation refers to compensation for a wrong or an injury.

Tenable means defensible.

Imperial means like an emperor or an empire.

An adherent is a faithful supporter, follower, or believer.

Utilitarian means functional, stressing usefulness above beauty or other qualities.

A denizen is an inhabitant, and occupant.

To flaunt is to show off, to try and impress others with a display.

An incantation is a chant or words repeated as a chant, with the intention of creating an effect, often with the intention to do magic The suburban witches met at the full moon to dance and drum and mumble incantations intended to make them more powerful.

To exasperate is to thoroughly annoy, to irritate to the point of total frustration.

Invective means abusive speech, a violent attack in words.

Inveterate means habitual, deeply rooted, firmly established.

Tautological means uselessly repetitive, redundant, displaying circular reasoning.

Profound means very deep, penetrating.

A maxim is a proverb or short rule of conduct.

Introspective means inward, inclined to examine one's thoughts and feelings.

Servile means submissive, like a servant or slave.

To culminate means to climax or reach the highest point.

Astute means shrewd, especially with regard to one's interests, clever, crafty.

Hedonism means the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life.

Tacit means unspoken, implied, understood without being expressed.

Penitent means sorry, especially for sinning; contrite, repentant.

Resolute means determined, firm, unwavering.

Imminent means about to happen, almost certain to occur.

Renaissance means a rebirth, a revival.

Proletariat refers to the industrial working class, including unskilled laborers, casual laborers, and tramps.

Rancor means bitter resentment, long-lasting ill will, extreme hatred or strife.

Solvent means financially sound, not broke or bankrupt, able to pay one's bills.

To deride is to ridicule, to laugh at contemptuously, to mock.

Vestige means a trace, a slight remnant.

Plethora means an excess, a super abundance, too much.

Peremptory means leaving no choice, final, categorical, absolute, dictatorial.

Solicitous means anxiously concerned; eager and attentive, almost to the point of hovering.