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Full Description

Finally the next generation of fact-learning software is here. Based on US patent number 5,820,386 titled "Interactive educational apparatus, " States-Mania teaches all the important facts about all 50 states. The program is groundbreaking in several ways. It has a learning database that includes essays, images, and lists of all the important facts for each of the 50 states. Almost 1,000 facts about the states are included.

Modules based on this database allow the player to connect to the facts in four different ways, enhancing learning. Not only do players connect the fact (or clue) to the name of the state as do traditional games, they also make three more connections. They are: matching the fact to a picture of the state, matching the state's name to its picture, and finally matching one fact about the state to another one.

Additionally, States-Mania overcomes educators' chief objection to fact-learning games — that facts are learned in isolation. States-Mania includes a review screen after each round. This review screen includes the part of the essay that relates to each fact. Thus, game players can read additional material about the fact to place it into context. This allows the players not only to know the fact but also to understand it.

States-Mania includes one study level, seven game levels, and an IQ Test. The seven game levels allow the player to advance sequentially, to master one level before tackling another. Level one is easy whereas level seven is quite hard, even for the highly educated. Each level includes a ranking so that players know exactly how they rate. Players will see their scores jump from Learner to Geographer and finally to Einstein. Finally, the IQ Test measures a player's knowledge so he/she can seen their improvement.