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College Admissions Predictor

Full Description

College Admissions Predictor predicts your chances of admission to 152 selective colleges. You must supply your SATI and SATII scores, your class rank (if available), class size, and your GPA. The program also looks at your extracurricular activities, your family background, and your scores on AP exams.

By comparing the data you entered with published reports on how selective colleges pick applicants, the College Admissions Predictor gives you your probability of admission to the 152 most selective colleges. It also advises you on which colleges should be your Primary, Reach, and Safety schools. Why spend $60 applying to a college where you are very likely to be rejected?

The program also advises you on how to improve your chances of admission in two different ways. It allows you to play "what if" games by entering new data. For example, you can see precisely how raising your SAT scores will effect your admission chances. Besides "what if" games, the program also advises via help files. The help files tell you the best ways to improve your chances of admission.

List of colleges covered:
American University, Amherst College, College of the Atlantic, Austin College, Babson College, Bard College, Barnard College, Bates College,Bennington College,Berkeley,Binghmaton Univ NY,Boston College,Boston University,Bowdoin College,Brandeis University,Brown University,Bryn Mawr College,Bucknell University,CALPOLY,CALTECH,Carleton College,Carnegie Mellon,Case Western Reserve,University of Chicago,Colby College,Colgate University,Colorado College,Colorado School Mines,Columbia University,Connecticut College,Cooper Union,Cornell University,Dartmouth College,Davidson College,DePauw University,Drew University,Duke University,Emory University,Florida State University,University of Florida,Franklin & Marshall College,Furman University,George Washington University,Georgetown University,Georgia Tech,University of Georgia,Gettysburg College,Grinnell College,Grove City College,Gustavus Adolphus College,Hamilton College,Hampshire College,Harvard University,Harvey Mudd College,Haverford College,Hendrix College,Holly Cross College,Illinois Inst Tech,Illinois Wesleyan,James Madison University,Johns Hopkins University,Kalamazoo College,Kenyon College,Knox College,Lafayette College,Lawrence University,Lehigh University,Lewis & Clark College,Loyola College,Macalester College,Marlboro College,Mary Washington College,Maryland Ins C Art,McGill University,Miami University,University of Miami,Univ of Mich Ann Arbor,Middlebury College,University of Minnesota,MIT,Morehouse College,Mount Hollyoke College,University of NC-Chapel Hill,New Col of Univ S Florida,The College of New Jersey,New Mexico Ins M&T,New York University,Northwestern University,University of Notre Dame,Oberlin College,Occidental College,Penn State - U Park,University of Pennsylvania,Pepperdine University,University of Pittsburgh,Pitzer College,Pomona College,Princeton University,University of Puget Sound,Reed College,Rensselaer Polytechnic In,Rhodes College,Rice University,University of Richmond,University of Rochester,Rollins College,Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech,Rutgers University,Univ of Southern Calif,Saint Johns College MD,Saint Johns Coll N Mexico,Saint Lawrence Univ,Saint Marys MD,Sarah Lawrence College,Scripps College,Skidmore College,Smith College,University of the South,Southwestern University,Spelman College,St. Olaf College,Stanford University,Stevens Inst of Tech,Swarthmore College,Syracuse University,Univ of Texas - Austin,Texas A&M University,Trinity College (CT),Trinity University,Tufts University,Tulane University,Univ of Ill at Urbana,UCLA,UCSD,Union College (NY),US Military Academy,US Naval Academy,Vanderbilt University,Vassar College,Villanova University,Virginia Tech,University of Virginia,Wabash College,Wake Forest University,Wash Univ St. Louis,Washington & Lee Univ,Wellesley College,Wesleyan Univ,Whitman College,Willamette Univ,William and Mary,Williams College